Hope Island Veterinary Surgery

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Hope Island Veterinary Surgery

The Best Vet For Your Pet


Hope Island Vet make every effort to provide exceptional care for our patients, excellent service to our clients and genuine support to our teammate. We strive to treat every pet like our own and will treat every person how we would like to be treated. That is our daily MISSION.

The surgery has been built with top quality service and the health and wellbeing of your pet is our priority. There are 3 spacious consultation rooms including digital Xray, digital Dental Xray, Ultrasound, and a dedicated surgical suite to allow us to thoroughly care for your pet. 

In the waiting room we have a variety of diets; food to suit the lifestage of your pet or those with special dietary needs. Our nurses are highly trained and can advise you on the best diet plan for your pet. We also stock a large range of accessories; from collars and leads to bedding, dental requirements, grooming tools and yummy treats. Our hospital is very spacious. We have large kennels for our bigger dogs, cozy kennels for the little ones and a separate ward for our feline friends. Our kennels have heated floors for those recovering from surgery or illness. All our patients receive comfortable bedding, regular toilet walks and the very best of care from our staff.
We have a separate sterile surgical theatre, fully equipped to enable us to do a range of procedures including, soft tissue surgery, orthopaedic work, desexings and emergency surgery just to name a few.  "Wet" treatment benches in the hospital allow as to perform non-sterile procedures such as dental scaling and polishing, dental extractions, ear flushing and lancing abscesses, without compromising the sterility of the theatre room. For dental procedures we have a state-of-the-art dental machine that cleans and polishes your pet's teeth to remove plaque and tartar and freshen your pet's breath. We also use a digital dental Xray machine to aid diagnosis of oral cavity disease.Our clinic use human grade anaesthetics and thoroughly researched drugs; we tailor every anaesthetic and medication program to your pet's needs and endeavour to make your pet's experience in our hospital as stress-free and safe as possible. All patients are monitored closely by an experienced nurse throughout their stay.

Our digital xray facilities are located in a separate dedicated area. Digital xrays allow the veterinarians to make a prompt and accurate diagnosis. We have the latest inhouse laboratory equipment; routine blood screens, diagnostic blood tests, heartworm tests, urine tests and electrolyte testing can all be performed in-house which allows accurate speedy information to assist with diagnoses or monitoring diseases or medication affects. Further extensive testing can be done by an external pathology service delivering prompt results. An ultrasound machine is also available to further assist with diagnoses.

Our vets and nurses are up to date with the latest information and regularly attend conferences and courses to expand their knowledge. If we feel your pet needs specialist care, we regularly consult with a large network of highly trained, qualified, Veterinary specialists and can refer you and your pet if the need arises.

Our experienced dog groomers attend on  Monday and Friday. Pamper your pooch with a warm hydro bath, blow dry and even a haircut. We only use the best shampoos and treatments. Medicated shampoo is available on request.


Consultation by Appointment